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As of January 22, 2020 Cancellation Policy If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled session, you can be charged a $25 fee at your next appointment. Please remember that this does NOT apply for emergencies or illnesses.


Should my trainer cancel a session less than the 24-hour prior notice, I shall be entitled to a 10% discounted session upon rescheduling. You must redeem the discounted session within 7 days of the canceled session or it will be forfeited.


However, should my trainer cancel a session with MORE than a 24-hour notice, I shall be entitled to no discounted session but the training session shall be rescheduled within 7 days to ensure consistency and progress in my skill development or fitness program.



Anyone that forgets or chooses not to show up for their session will be charged full price of their missed session at their following session.




If you are 15 min or more late to your session (and you have not contacted me via text or phone call) you will most likely have to reschedule your session. These policies are implemented to protect my client’s time as well as my own. I value each one of you who has chosen to invest into NuMentality Skillz Training LLC.


Client must perform contractual obligations such as arriving on time, being prepared mentally and physically, & putting forth the effort during each session scheduled, as required in order for the trainer to fulfill the expectations of every training session. Failure to comply to the expectations of preparation (attitude & effort), will be a material breach of contract. Client WILL be dismissed from session and/or remaining sessions with ONLY 20% of remaining balance refunded.

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